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Finding an apartment in Lagos can be stressful and frankly time-consuming. With the exorbitant agent fees and commission you are sure to feel the financial strain when it’s time to pay your rent. You’ve finally found the perfect house and you’re finally ready to move in but do you know your rights as a tenant living in Lagos? Below are 5things you should know while living as a renter in Lagos :

1. The Lagos Tenancy Law 2011 does not apply to residential premises owned or operated by an educational institution for its staff and students; this would include boarding…

Home decorations not only reveal your taste but also showcases your class. Therefore, it is essential to ensure your house decorations are beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

It’s always a good idea to set up your house to your liking so that you instantly feel calm and relaxed. Some people tend to spend a lot of money on furniture and interior decoration to make their home perfect, but that’s not always necessary!

There are many ways you can decorate your home beautifully with a friendly budget. Below are 5 ways you can decorate your home on a budget :

Moving into a new space, especially a new house, can bring all sorts of feelings, excitement for one! but we are quick to forget to check some simple things which in the long term may be detrimental to the house. Here are 4things people usually forget to do before moving into a new house:


Before moving you need to check everything from light switches to outlets and even electricity via your change-over box, do this to avoid stories that touch later on.


Even though your house may appear clean, it…

time to quit your job

Whether you’ve been at your job for a month or several years, there comes a time when you realize it’s just not working for you. If you can’t remember the last time you’ve had a good day at work, it might be time to seriously consider quitting. If you need more clarity we’re here to help you. Here are 4 clear signs it’s time to quit.

The work environment is unhealthy

Working in an unhealthy office can have negative effects on your mental health and is definitely a clear sign that you should quit that job. A toxic work environment is more than just a…

how to get out of debt

Ready to finally get out of debt? Paying off your debts isn’t easy, you might have to make some sacrifices but it’s worth it. Here are some tips to help guide you through.

Make a list of everything you owe

Step one to getting out of debt is figuring out just how much you owe. Get your bank statements and a notepad and start writing down how much you owe, how much you earn and how much you can realistically pay off the next few months.

Focus on one debt at a time

You can make amazing progress when you make a large payment to settle just one of your debts each month until…

It’s Valentine’s season in Lagos! And you know what that means…

In the spirit of love, I’ve decided to compile a list of romantic date spots in Lagos for you and your lover to enjoy this V-day. Enjoy!

Flowershop Cafe

5 things no one tells you about living alone

If you are anything like me, living alone is something you’ve been dreaming of for as long as you can remember. I mean, who wouldn’t want to?

The potential freedom of doing what you want, when you want is what motivates most people to move out in the first place. Having your own place seems like the first step to being a ‘proper adult’.

Not sure if its time to live alone? Read this article — 4 Signs You Need to Move out of Your Parents’ House

You get to stay out all night with no one telling you whether…

The Beginners Guide to Credit in Nigeria

Want to take out a loan, but don’t know much about credit? Don’t worry you’re not alone. Like many Nigerians across the nation, you might know the word ‘Credit’ better as airtime. No worries though here’s an in-depth guide to credit in Nigeria and how to improve it.

What is Credit?

Credit refers to your capacity to borrow money, get an approved loan or other forms of financing with the understanding that you’ll pay later.

Businesses, banks and loaners grant you credit based on their assurance you can be trusted to pay back what you borrowed, along with any charges or interest rates…

Track your expense

2021 is the year we’re levelling up financially but, you can’t get there without properly monitoring how much you spend. Tracking your spending regularly can give a clear picture of where your money goes and help you plan where you’d like it to go instead.

Here are 4 easy ways you can start tracking your monthly expenses.

Pencil and Paper

tips for working from home efficiently nigeria

Working from home is supposed to be comfortable and convenient but sometimes we can get a little too comfortable. And that can affect our productivity and overall performance. Don’t worry though, all hope isn’t lost. Here are 6 tips to Ginger you to become your most productive self.

Don’t Sleep In


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